Aston Martin Supecar Has Huge Carbon-ceramic Brakes

The new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is the latest supercar of the iconic British sports car brand.

More New EV Brands From China

After our last article on the Chine electric vehicle market many more new brands have been born. Today we have a look at three of the newborns.

Ducati Launches Monster With 330mm Disc Brakes

This is the Ducati Monster 1200 25° Anniversario, a special edition celebrating the 25th birthday of the Monster superbike.

Disc Brakes On The Verge Of Taking Over Professional Cycling

Breaking brake news from the world of professional cycling: the UCI alloys disc brakes for road racing for the first time.

McLaren Senna’s braking record from 200 KM/H to 0 in 100 meters

The new McLaren Senna hypercar has set a new braking record for production cars.