Bugatti Develops 3D Printed Titanium Brake Caliper

Bugatti has developed 3D-printed brake calipers. The job of calipers is to slow a car’s wheel when you press the brake by applying friction to the rotors.

Brembo: Brake-by-wire Systems To Go Mainstream

The Italian brake maker Brembo says that brake-by-wire systems will go mainstream in the foreseeable future.

Discs or Drums? That Is a Fleet’s Question!

What makes a company to decide to equip their fleet with discs or drums? Transport Topics explains.

KTM Testing Automatic Brake Technology For Motorcycles

Austrian motorcycle maker KTM is working on an automatic brake system for its motorbikes.

Five New Electric Cars from the 2018 Beijing Auto Show

The EV revolution is in full swing in China and here are the five most promising cars we saw on the show: