Greening Europe BV starts first tests on Testing centre Lelystad

LELYSTAD, NLD, July, 2016

Former RDW CDO George Molenaar has started Europe on 1 June 2016 with Greening BV. Greening Europe BV is an automotive test laboratory, which commence with testing brake parts for European ECE certifications. With more than 30 years experience in this field, George has an unique position to handle the erratic market demands.

The brake parts are tested for admission on the European ways according to ECE regulation R90. Together with benchmark tastings for the automotive industry these are the most important javelin points for the coming year. For that purpose a test laboratory has been set up by George Molenaar in association with two partners in respectively Greening Detroit and 6th Gear Automotive – Shanghai. This cooperation offers an unique and fast combination of knowledge, test possibilities and speed to the market for the manufacturer.

The cooperation with a renowned American laboratory Greening Inc in Detroit and 6th Gear Automotive Solutions in Shanghai offer industry unique possibilities to the automotive both laboratory test vehicle tests to express to conduct, which are recognized both for European and American legislation .

Vehicle manufacturers, importers and distributors will be targeted as the main clientele of  Europe at Greening BV.  The product focus would initially be admission tests for brake components and benchmarking for both components and tires.

For further information you can take contact with George miller directly.

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