DETROIT, MI, Feb 3, 2015

New European regulations dictate that all manufacturers are required to meet the ECE R90 regulation in their brake discs:

  • For commercial vehicles with a registration date of November 1, 2014, or later;
  • For passenger vehicles with a registration date of November 1, 2016, or later.

Greening and 6th Gear Automotive will provide Chinese suppliers with a local communication channel and face-to-face assistance when submitting their ECE R90 applications.

The cooperation is supervised by and will work closely with the Dutch governmental testing institute RDW to obtain E4 certifications.

“2015 will be an important year for the manufacturers who export to Europe,”explains Charles Greening, President of Greening Testing Laboratories.  “Our years of experience in testing of automotive spare parts were recognized by the Dutch RDW. 6th Gear Automotive has a strong presence in China, providing Europe with Automotive aftermarket products. This synergy led to our cooperation.”

”With the new regulations becoming effective soon, many of our suppliers worry that their uncertified products will not be accepted in Europe very soon,” says Richard Boogaard, CEO of 6th Gear Automotive Solutions Co. Ltd. “We had to find a cost-effective solution and provide our Chinese suppliers with proper guidance in this certification process. If our suppliers are too late or even fail to have their products certified, it will also be disastrous for our company.

“We changed this threat into an opportunity. By deep understanding of the certification requirements and testing process, we created a model helping our clients. In this way, certification will go faster and will be easier to understand from the suppliers’ side.”

The two companies are going even further in their plans. A testing lab for certifying clients in the People’s Republic of China is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015.