NVH Dynamometer

The NVH dynomometer Intertia Brake Dynomometer model 1620.The NVH is serviced online, guaranteeing automatic manufacturer monitoring and instant support if needed. Back up support locations in Detroit, Amsterdam, Cologne, Seoul and Xi'an.

Model 1000 Inertia Brake Dynamometer

The models 1000/1260 series are designed for commercial vehicle braking systems. Both are equipped with a dynamometer drive and a rotational inertia system to simulate deceleration and drag conditions, uphill or downhill grade effects. These machines come with the latest control and data acquisition systems allowing the test engineer to obtain accurate data on the performance of the brake assembly.

Chase machine

The Greening Model 1050 Friction Material Test Machine is built to the specifications of SAE International’s J661 Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure, also known as the “Chase” test used for constant output friction force tests. Ideal for R&D work in friction materials including automotive brakes, clutches, truck brake blocks, and industrial friction materials.

The Model 1050 quickly and accurately measures effectiveness, fade, recovery, wear and speed sensitivity of brake and clutch friction materials. It generates automatic and real-time plots of friction and applied force, and test drum velocity and temperature. Heating and cooling curves are set automatically according to SAE J661 standards.

Compressibility tester

The Greening Model 1140 Compressibility Test Machine evaluates the compressibility of composites including disk and drum brake friction materials, noise insulators. The Model 1140 combines concise test control with ease of operation, generating accurate test results, and is an ideal instrument for research and development, quality control, or other compressibility measurement needs.

Pad thickness tester

The Sun Bee Instruments, Inc PT-L is an automatic brake pad thickness variation measuring system. This machine scans the full surface of friction part and back plate of the pad at the same time to measure pad thickness variation (PTV) precisely. Measured data are saved from original to interval mileage tests to trace abrasion trend. Analyzing software provides PTV data in a 3D image format supporting investigation and analysis of geometrical abrasion shape and trend per mileage

Static drag tester

Sun Bee Instruments, Inc DF-S is a Static Drag Force Measuring System for the caliper or hub bearing assembled disc. The Friction free air bearing rotational driving mechanism enables the tester to measure even very low drag torque for the caliper or hub bearing assembled disc.