ECE R90 Certifications

Our partner Greening Testing Laboratories, Inc. is accredited to perform the ECE R90 test for brake discs and drums as well as brake pads and shoes. Working closely with RDW, the vehicle authority of The Netherlands (approval mark E4 ) reports issued by Greening can be used to fulfill the testing requirements used in attaining ECE R90 certification.

Brake pads

ECE R90 certification testing for passenger car brake pads or shoes is conducted entirely on the vehicle. With an outstanding availability of cars, light trucks, and crossovers and SUVs, we can test almost any part number. Our extensive application database enables us to analyze other WVA numbers for inclusion on the certificate, covering a wider range of part numbers with fewer tests. Commercial vehicle brake pads are certified by dynamometer testing, available at our laboratory in Detroit.

Brake discs

As indicated, replacement brake discs for passenger cars registered after November, 2016 require R90 certification, while discs for commercial vehicles have been required for vehicles registered after November, 2014. Commercial vehicle discs require only dynamometer testing for approval, while passenger car discs are subject to dynamometer testing as well as a confirming road-test (one test per disc ‘type’).

Brake lining

Brake linings or blocks for commercial vehicles need to have ECE R90 certificates when selling within the European Union; other territories such as Egypt, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are also adopting the R90 regulation. Brake lining certification is accomplished by dynamometer testing, several of which are available in our laboratory in Detroit.

Brake drums

Brake drums for both passenger cars and heavy duty trucks and buses require ECE R90 certification for vehicles with a registration date of November, 2016 and later. Like brake discs, commercial vehicle drums require only dynamometer testing for approval, while those for passenger cars are subject to dynamometer testing as well as a confirming road-test (one test per drum ‘type’).


The COP Initial assessment is required to show the certification providing institute that manufacturers can:

Maintain a consistent quality level for their R90 certified products.
Describe the testing process and testing environment of their quality inspections.
Describe the acceptance range of their quality standards.
Have procedures in place for how to react on quality fluctuations .
Stay informed about possible amendments in ECE-R90 regulations.
Have a procedure on how to implement R90 amendments into their production control plan.

Download here:

R90 regulations (Aug 2017)-------

Information document CoP instructions

Product R90 Certification application form


Road testing M1 / N1

Since June 2016 Greening and 6th Gear Automotive Solutions Ltd. have strengthen their cooperation with RDW optimizing the service quality and service speed by dedicated test track availability. The track will be used for passenger cars related items which require ‘Road Tests’.

AMECA Certifications

We can assist you with providing you compliance certifications according AMECA standards.

This will enable you to perform in-house testing so you can sell to the American market.

Click here for visiting the AMECA website

SAE Testing

We offer various SAE standard testing solutions.

SAE J2522: Dynamometer Global Brake Effectiveness this test is used to evaluate the friction material performance.
SAE J2521:  Disc Brake dynamometer Squeal Matrix. This procedure is used for friction material noise characteristics.

Ask us for more information about SAE testing or any other spare part testing procedures you require.