6th Gear Automotive Solutions is ready to ship containers to Europe, by rail!

If all goes well, 6th Gear Automotive will ship automotive parts between Asia-Europe by containerized rail containers before the Chinese New Year’s festival starts.

“During the recent years, Chinese railroads have come a long way”, says Richard Boogaard, Director of 6th Gear Automotive Solutions. “Besides the fantastic roll-out of the domestic high-speed train network, China has put effort in developing international transportation to increase the competitiveness strength of ’made in China’ articles. Using transportation by rail, provides us with more flexibilities and solutions for urgent orders. Compared to air freight, freight by rail has lower costs. Also, from environmental perspective, the train beats both air and sea! Which suits our sustainable strategy”.


From China to Western Europe

By rail    –              19 and 23 days

By Sea   –              30 days to 37 days

By air     –              5 days


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